Hurley students visit Old Salem

Hurley Elementary School’s Fourth Grade classes went to Old Salem on Thursday, December 15. They went to Old Salem to learn what life was like for North Carolinians in the early south. Students visited the bakery, pottery house, the boys school, doctors office and many other sites. They even worked out a few math problems in the old school room!  

While on their visit to Old Salem they were able to go to the Winkler Bakery that was built 200 years ago, and the students were able to take some bread home with them that was made in the bakery.  The fourth graders were also able to visit the T Bagge Merchant in Old Salem where they were able to see how workers created pots and other things to cook and store food. The students were also able to visit the Boys’ School where they could see how the young boys used to learn and the activities they did in school. At the doctors’ house, the students were able to explore the apothecary, which is a room full of herbs and medicines. 
The Hurley Elementary fourth graders plan on hitting all four North Carolina regions this year. They have already traveled and experienced the Piedmont region. We cannot wait to see them experience all four regions this year! 

Story by Sarah Childers, Hurley Elementary School