• Upcoming Events

    Your role as a volunteer is significant. It is our hope that your involvement in Rowan-Salisbury Schools will be as rewarding for you as it will be for our students and school personnel.  Please see below to discover the orientation times and locations:

    February 1, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. at Corriher-Lipe Middle School
    February 8, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. at Wallace Educational Forum

    You may join us at any of the 1-hour sessions and sign-up is not necessary. 

    We Need You to Volunteer!

    Rowan-Salisbury School System Volunteer Program Mission Statement

    The Rowan-Salisbury School System is committed to helping ensure that every student at every school is an engaged learner.  Our goals include making sure all students master their academic skills, set goals based on their unique aspirations and develop interpersonal skills in order to thrive as valuable citizens and workforce partners.  Community involvement is key to success within our schools.

    We are always looking for community members with a heart for children to help us provide Exceptional Education Every Day. We qualify Volunteers in two tiers based on training. Background checks are required for both tiers.

    Parents who want to participate in their child’s school activities are not required to have a background check for those activities.

    Volunteer Registration Form

    Background Check


    Tier I Volunteer


    Supervised access to students – Direct one-on-one supervision of students is NOT permitted

    Can Help With

    • Classroom Assistance
      • School Events (Career Day, Book Fair, Field Day, Student Trip Attendee w/no supervision duty, etc.)
      • Exam Proctors
    • Volunteer Registration Form
    • Background Screening


    Tier II Volunteer

    Direct one-on-one supervision of students is permitted.

    Can Help With

    • Classroom Assistance
    • School Events (Career Day, Book Fair, Field Day, Student Trip Attendee w/no supervision duty, etc.)
    • Exam Proctors
    • Tutors/Mentors
    • Classroom Assistance
    • After-school Program Mentorship
    • Student Trip Chaperone


    • Volunteer Registration Form
    • Background Screening
    • Volunteer Training


    Crosby Scholars' mission is for every public school student in Rowan County to have the opportunity to attend college. They work with all middle and high schools.


    Communities in Schools has been a very supportive partner of Rowan-Salisbury Schools for many years. They currently serve the following schools in our system:

    • Hanford Dole Elementary School
    • Hurley Elementary School
    • Isenberg Elementary School
    • Knox Middle School
    • North Rowan Elementary School
    • North Rowan Middle School
    • North Rowan High School
    • Overton Elementary School

    Why do we need to enhance our volunteer program?

    • Increases self-esteem of students through knowing a volunteer cares about them
    • Students learn to trust adults through mentoring/tutoring
    • Volunteers provide assistance to classrooms - which can reduce discipline issues
    • Provides access to the experience and talents of volunteers to enrich student learning
    • Can provide assistance with clerical duties
    • Illustrates that adults value education
    • Involvement by the community will lead to advocates for our schools
    • Can produce access to much-needed resources

    What we do to strengthen our volunteer organization?

    • Educating our community about our mission
    • Completing a volunteer needs assessment
    • Implementing a volunteer survey
    • Equipping our volunteers to be successful through training and support
    • Celebrating the volunteer achievements

    There is no better way to enrich our schools than by engaging parent and community volunteers to share their special talents and knowledge with students, teachers and staff. The need for volunteers is unique to each school, but the need to find the best way to manage and cultivate the volunteer relationship is something we all share.

    District expectations for the volunteer program

    • Principal or his/her designee must coordinate and oversee the volunteer program, including reasonable supervision of all volunteers by school system employee(s);
    • Principal or his/her designee will have an opportunity to approve person(s) volunteering in the school;
    • Adequate screening, including a criminal background check, which is valid for a period of three calendar years, of all volunteers who volunteer on a regular basis shall be completed before a volunteer is assigned a task in a school;
    • Orientation and training for all volunteers must be held prior to person(s) volunteering in a school.
    • All volunteers must wear an identification badge during volunteer hours at school or during school events;
    • Volunteers must sign in at the school office upon arrival to the school and sign out when leaving the school. A log of volunteers and their respective activities will be maintained at each school and shared regularly;
    • Volunteers are required to have a criminal background check to accompany students on field trips;
    • Volunteers are not to transport students or their families in private vehicles;
    • Volunteers are expected to respect and maintain the confidentiality of information about students, staff, other parents, and the school community;
    • All volunteer coaches must have a criminal background check prior to coaching;
    • Volunteers must be professionally dressed and exhibit professional conduct;
    • Principal or his/her designee reserves the right to not approve a volunteer for services or to terminate a volunteer at any time.