If your child must have medication of any type during school hours, including prescription or over-the-counter drugs, you have the following choices:
    • You may come to school and give the medication to your child at the appropriate time(s).
    • You may obtain a copy of a physician’s authorization form, take the form to the form to your child’s doctor, and have him/her complete the form. This form must be completed by a physician for over-the- counter and prescription drugs. Both the parent and the physician must sign the form. The prescription must be brought to school in a pharmacy-labeled bottle.
    • You may discuss with your child’s doctor an alternative schedule for administering medication (e.g., outside of school hours).
    • Students requiring medication for asthma, anaphylactic reactions, and diabetes may self-medicate with physician authorization, parent permission, and a student agreement for self-carried medication.


    • Head lice screenings are conducted by school staff at each elementary school on the first day of school and after the Christmas/ Winter Break.
    • The school system requires the appropriate treatment for infestations. Any student with an active infestation will be sent home for treatment. Parents/ guardians will be given a packet containing information on how to recognize and treat head lice infestation.
    • A student, when found to have head lice, must receive treatment with an appropriate lice (pediculosis) medication. Using medication alone may not be enough to cure a head lice infestation. Parents should comb the hair to remove lice and eggs (per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
    • It is recommended that parents bring the child to school the day of reentry and that they be present when their child’s head is rechecked. Parents are not required to be present at the recheck, it is only recommended. Children who still have an active head lice infestation will be sent home.
    • If there is a question regarding the presence of head lice on a student, the school health nurse will verify the infestation. If the parent does not agree with the school’s findings, the parent can call their health care provider or the Rowan County Health Department to schedule an appointment for a head lice check. The parent will be responsible for any charges associated with the head lice check. The Health Department will provide the parent documentation of their findings. The parent must bring the documentation to the child’s school before the student can be readmitted.
    Note: Lice can be treated and eliminated within twenty-four hours. Students who are absent for more than one day for any incident of lice shall be considered unlawfully absent from school.