General Expectations:

    • The Shive Dress Code Policy will be enforced on all school days, including spirit week days and picture days.
    • Items with references to drugs, alcohol, weapons, tobacco, gangs, or violence are not allowed.
    • Clothing items/accessories that are deemed to be distracting to the learning environment will be asked to be removed/changed.
    • We will honor all verifiable religious exemptions.


    • Heavy Coats may be worn coming in/leaving/on the playground or daily mile. While in the classroom, these will be stored in student cubbies.
    • Students may wear lightweight jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts in the classroom.
    • Students may wear hoodies, but the hoods are to remain down when in the building.

    Bottom Wear:

    • Jeans/pants/shirts/skirts/leggings are allowed.
    • Leggings cannot be see-through and shirts must come to the mid-thigh area.
    • All bottom wear must come to the mid-thigh area (typically to fingertips when arms are at side). Any item deemed too short will be changed.
    • Tights are only allowed if they are worn under skirt/shorts. 
    • There is to be no exposed skin above the mid-thigh area.
    • No pajama wear is allowed except on designated days for spirit weeks.
    • Biker shorts may be worn but shirts must come to the mid-thigh area.


    • Tank tops, crop tops, basketball jerseys, and shirts with spaghetti straps are not allowed unless covering a shirt that meets shoulder expectations.
    • Shirt sleeves must come to the shoulder on all shirts/tops.
    • Cold shoulder shirts are allowed.


    • Tennis shoes are recommended as students will be active at recess, daily mile, and PE.
    • Heels are not allowed. These may be worn for pictures and other special occasions, but it is recommended students have a change of shoes for physical activity.
    • Sandals/Crocs are allowed provided they have a heel strap.
    • Heelies (shoes with wheels on the heel) are not allowed.
    • Flip flops, and athletic slides are not allowed.


    • Hats cannot be worn in the building except on designated hat days.
    • Students may wear jewelry. Chokers are not allowed. Also, please be mindful of the length of any necklaces and earrings as they can present safety concerns on playground equipment.
    • Students may wear headbands, but no bandanas.
    • Students may not wear costumes/costume accessories except on designated days.