• Who We Are...

    Ethan Shive Elementary opened in the fall of August 2007. Currently, we serve approximately 450 students in the Rockwell area. Our students feed into a variety of middle and high schools, including China Grove Middle, CC Erwin Middle, Southeast Middle School, Carson High, and East Rowan High Schools.

    The Shive Staff is composed of approximately 65 staff members. All of our classroom teachers and instructional support staff are highly qualified. Our staff embraces new strategies for learning content and applying technology into not only their academic pursuits, but also to real-world applications. Cooperation, collaboration, relevance and personalization are the key words in our educational model.

    Our Vision and Mission at Shive

    Vision Statement

    Our school is a safe, respectful learning environment where our students will achieve success. With open communication between highly qualified staff, concerned parents and the community, we will ensure that each student is being challenged in a way that will prepare them for their future.

    Mission Statement

    Ethan H. Shive Elementary School is dedicated to being an exemplary school that will be recognized and remembered for its honor, integrity, value, and excellence.

    Each day we all work hard to make Shive Elementary School the best possible school. We want everyone to know and remember Shive for its HIVE—honor, integrity, value and excellence.


    Ethan H. Shive Elementary believes we will achieve true distinction through:

    H – HONOR – to be self-disciplined, respectful, and committed to ourselves and others.

    I – INTEGRITY – to maintain a unified, strong moral principle

    V – VALUE – to take ownership of personal behavior and appreciate educational opportunities

    E – EXCELLENCE – to accomplish a quality academic environment that ensures all will exceed their individual potential.


    NCDPI Targeted Support and Improvement School

    Shive Elementary School has been identified as a Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) school by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Specifically, the school has been designated as a TSI-Additional Targeted Support (TSI-AT) school that has one or more subgroup(s) where the subgroup performance grade score is below the highest CSI school's ALL STUDENT group during the identification year.