Experience a Place of Possibilities

  • Henderson Independent High School (HIHS) is located at 1215 North Main St. in Salisbury, NC. We were established as an Alternative Learning Program in 1996 and moved to our current location in 1999. HIHS is housed within the historical district of Northern Salisbury. Built in 1917, we celebrated our Centennial in 2017. From 2010-2013, Henderson received a federal grant to begin the restructure of the school. The grant funded the newly renovated media center and allowed for an upgraded technology infrastructure. Creating holistic global leaders is our vision and focus for every student.

    Students are placed at Henderson by one of two pathways:
    1. District Administrative Placement (i.e. long term suspension, etc.)
    2. Alternative Placement Committee (APC) (i.e. process initiated by the “sending school” and managed by a school and district staff team)

    Students are placed at Henderson for a quarter, semester, or yearlong term and have the opportunity to return to their home school if they reach 3 personalized goals: attendance, grades, and discipline. Due to the unique nature of the school, many students opt to remain at Henderson for an alternative, inclusive, flexible setting which meets their needs.

    The present principal, Alexis Cowan, took the helm Summer 2018. This school year brings many positive changes for the Henderson Students/Families and Communities. Henderson has a structured school day accommodating middle and high school students (Middle School: 8:00 - 3:00 pm; High School: 8:00 - 3:00 pm). Every Wednesday is an early release day to allow strategic, personalized professional development for the Henderson staff. On Wednesdays, school will be released at 1:00 pm.

    Henderson has a multitude of community partners who provide support and services for the school. Henderson Independent High School is truly a “Place of Possibilities”.