• Welcome to Carroll T. Overton Elementary School.

    C. T. Overton was founded in 1965. Overton has a prime location by the Salisbury Greenway, adjacent to Catawba College’s ecological reserve and Horizons Learning Center.

    C.T. Overton Elementary School serves children in K through 5th grade. Overton follows district procedures to attract, hire and retain highly qualified staff who will be certified in the area they teach.

    The educational mission of Overton Elementary School is to provide a learning environment for every child that is challenging, safe and promotes excellence.

    We acknowledge that economic, technological, demographic, informational and political forces have transformed the world in which we live. In order to fulfill the district’s educational mission and prepare students to become responsible and productive members of this rapidly changing 21st century society, Overton Elementary School will nurture a learning community that applies technology in meaningful ways to optimize student learning. It is our belief that all students, regardless of social and economic background, should meet high standards of information and technological literacy.