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GiGi the Service Dog gets a Helping Leg

SPENCER, NC — Students at North Rowan Elementary School (NRES) are developing a prototype prosthetic leg for Gigi the service dog.

The project launched with a visit from Steve Doerr, Justin Ruechel, and Cody Reimers from the Salisbury VA Prosthetics Department. Well-versed and well-spoken, the trio introduces students to prosthetics, empathy, and design thinking. They engaged learners with their stories, props, and demonstrations. Hands shot up immediately, and questions were

asked and eloquently answered by the guest presenters.

GiGi, an NRES staff member’s service dog, received her first exam at Hanger Clinic in Greensboro and has provided students with observations and measurements needed to begin the design process.

Picture of Cody

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