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West Rowan Middle School takes a great deal of pride in our five Core Values. These values are imbedded into our curriculum and culture. Bulldogs are compassionate leaders who communicate and collaborate with integrity and purpose.

Compassion: I act with understanding and empathy towards others. I support others in reaching their goals. I take all opportunities to serve others' needs.

Communicate: I advocate positively for myself. I present thoughtfully on relevant topics, I communicate respectfully, verbally, and nonverbally with peers and staff. I listen actively.

Collaborate: I understand the importance of teamwork and agree to fulfill my role to the best of my ability. I am actively engaged and focused on the task. I give my very best effort in everything I do. I lead and support my peers appropriately.

Integrity: I conduct myself in an honest manner. I am mindful and respectful of other's feelings, opinions, work abilities, and belongings. I complete and/or revise my work to the high standards set by my peers and teachers. I repair any damage I cause. I am open minded. I adapt to challenges.

Purpose: I persevere through difficult situations. I am intentional in my actions, words, and work. I set high standards for my personal growth. I model positive leadership attributes.