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Online Student Registration must be completed first in order for student to receive a laptop.  

For the upcoming school year RSS will be enrolling all new and returning students via an online portal.
Step 1:  Visit www.rssed.org/registration to register your student today! If you have any issues, please call the school.  Your account login information was emailed to you in the summer.  

Step 2:  During the registration process you will be required to review the RUP (Responsible Use Policy) and digitally sign that you read and understand it.  You can take a picture of your confirmation or print it out and have it with you at laptop deployment.  If you need to review the RUP, view here:  Responsible Use Policy  If you would like you can print out for your records the RUP signature page, sign it and have it with you at laptop deployment.  

Step 3:  You will also be able to view the Laptop video (during the online registration) that details important information about the care of the laptop and what is deemed as accidental or neglect damages.  If you need to view it after the registration process, click here!

Step 4:  The last step is to pay the $40 usage fee.  You will be prompted during the online registration to pay using your debit/credit card (this form of payment is highly recommended).  Cash payments can be made at the school, please have exact change.  *The User Fee is non-refundable once the device has been taken home.  If you pay online print out a copy of your receipt or take a picture of the screen with your phone and bring it to laptop deployment.  Here is the link to pay if you opted to pay at a different time other than when you registered your child:  Online Usage Fee Payment Center  

Estimated Repair cost for MacBook Air
Missing/Damaged Charger Block - $80
Missing/Damaged Charger Cable - $15
Missing/Damaged Sleeve - $25
Broken Screen - $165
Broken Trackpad - $120
Water Damage - $425
Entire Device Loss - $830