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Service Above Self Winner

Congratulations to Alex Bouk (left) for winning a $300 Service Above Self award to help start a Model UN at West Rowan High. We can't wait to see what you, Ms. Rogers (middle) and Holly Winn (right) develop for our student body.

From the United Nations Association of the US: "Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health, and more."

Mrs. Cardea with class

Congrats to Mrs. Cardea for winning a grant from Bright Ideas.  She plans to Kick Hunger to the Can!  

Mrs. Miller with grant check

Congrats to Mrs. Miller!  She looks forward to purchasing devices to fit in the Google Cardboard headsets and share with teachers and students.