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Our Futures are Bright!

On October 26th, the Fifth Grade students had the opportunity to go on their first field trip to Carson High School for a Career Fair. Upon entrance, students were given a Bingo card with different descriptions of careers that they would like to get to know more about while visiting. The Carson High School gym had 43 booths set up with careers ranging from Firefighters to Boutique Owners. Students were able to engage with people from so many different careers and engage in questions that allowed them to learn how to get into the different fields that they were interested in. 


As students were walking around and meeting business owners and people of the city, teachers were able to learn and listen to what their students were interested in doing in the future. It was encouraging to see how excited they were to learn about the different career options as well as entrepreneurial opportunities as there were a few independent business owners in attendance as well. 


As educators, something that is always in the back of our minds is “What are our students going to accomplish in the future?” because we are so hopeful for them each and every day. We want the absolute best for them and know that they can ultimately be successful with hard work and dedication. This Career Fair field trip allowed our students to learn about that hard work and dedication it takes to continue growing and reaching their full potential. The Fifth Grade team is grateful to the CTE department for organizing this event and inviting them to attend a wonderful event.