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Ethan H. Shive Elementary School 2017-18 Lunch Schedule

11:00-11:30 Ms. Frick and Ms. Basinger

11:05-11:35 Ms. Lovingood and Mr. McClary

11:10-11:40 Ms. Lambert and Ms. Jackson

11:20-11:50 Ms. Barnhardt

11:25-11:55 Ms. Rowland

11:30-12:00 Ms. Miller

11:35-12:05 Ms. Shultz and Ms. Overcash

11:40-12:10 Ms. Putman and Ms. Call

11:45-12:15 Ms. Wilhelm

11:55-12:25 Ms. Eidson

12:00-12:30 Mr. Moore and Ms. Walters

12:05-12:35 Ms. Webb and Ms. Rosenbaum

12:15-12:45 Ms. Justus and Ms. Bostian

12:20-12:50 Ms. Dry and Ms. Boger

12:25-12:55 Ms. Najarian