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Shive Uniform Policy

The school uniform policy is designed to provide students with the safest and most orderly learning environment possible. The school uniform will be worn every day, all day. This includes field trips and after school events. Events to which uniforms will not be required will be specifically announced. There are additional dress code items in place in the Student Code of Conduct.

Uniform Bottom Wear:

  • Color choices: khaki or navy blue
  • Boys may wear slacks and shorts.
  • Girls may wear slacks, capris, shorts, jumpers, skirts and skorts.
  • Bottom wear should be appropriately sized and worn at the waistline.
  • Belts are optional but if worn, should be black or brown.
  • Belts will be required if pants do not fit properly and “sag” below the waistline revealing underwear.
  • All bottom wear must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knees.
  • No sag and drag / All items must be hemmed.
  • No denim, knit pants, sweat pants or corduroy pants.
  • Cargo pants WILL be allowed.
  • No writing, sequins or decorations on pants.

Uniform Shirts:

  • Color choices: Classic Red, Navy Blue or Yellow
  • Shirts must have a collar (polo style or button up shirts)
  • Turtleneck shirts may be worn: Classic Red, Navy Blue, or Yellow
  • The only logo permitted is Shive Elementary or Shive Stingers.
  • Shirts must be appropriately sized for neat appearance.
  • Shirts must be tucked neatly.
  • Short sleeves and long sleeves are permitted.


  • Undershirts worn must be either a white t-shirt or turtleneck with no logos.
  • Short and long sleeves are permitted.
  • Undershirts must be tucked in.

Sweatshirts, Cardigans and Sweaters:

  • Color Choices: Classic Red, Navy Blue, or Yellow
  • The only logo permitted is Shive Elementary or Shive Stingers.
  • Must be appropriately sized.
  • Uniform collar must be worn outside the top shirt.
  • Sweatshirts must be non-hooded and non-zippered.

Outer Wear Apparel: (ie. Heavy coats, jackets, tobaggans, scarves, gloves, etc)

  • Must be hung up immediately upon arrival to the classroom.


  • Closed toed and closed heel shoes must be worn.
  • Shoes with laces must have the strings tied securely.
  • Shoes must match.
  • No “HEELYS” (shoes with wheels in sole)


  • Solid white, red, blue, or yellow


  • If necklaces are worn, they must be worn under uniform shirts.
  • Earrings and rings must not pose a distraction or safety issue.


  • Bandanas, hats, doo rags, stretch wraps, decorative scarves, combs and picks are inappropriate for campus wear and will be confiscated.

Note: Appropriate dress is determined by the principal or designee.


Students who choose not to comply with the uniform policy will receive a citation and will be sent to isolation. Students will call parents to bring a change of clothes each time. They will stay in isolation until a uniform is brought. Students are expected to be in uniform the first day of school. Students coming to Shive Elementary from another school system will be given a 3-day grace period.

Uniform items may be purchased at the following locations: (there may be other locations as well):

JC Penney
Lee Clothing Warehouse
The Thread Shed

If there are any circumstances that create a need for assistance, applications are available in the school office.

If you would like to buy an additional uniform item and donate it to the uniform closet, that would be greatly appreciated.