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New updates - 2020-21 School year

Please take note of the following changes to the website and information you need to provide before returning to school; this section will be updated as the site is changed and information is added.

Click the thumbnail below to access a helpful infographic about 2020-21 groupings and requirements from the East Community school.


A Special Video From Mrs. B!

Transportation *IMPORTANT*

Please see Rita Foil's note below:

As we begin this school year enforcing strict safety procedures, we strongly encourage families to find alternative means of transportation to and from school for your children other than school buses, if at all possible.

If your child absolutely must ride a school bus to and from school, and they are not already signed up to do so, it is critical that you contact your child’s school as soon as possible.  Only students that are signed up to ride school buses will be allowed to do so.  


If you have not filled out the Google Form from the Transportation Department in regards of how your child/children will commute to school, you must contact Shive and provide the following:

Child’s name

Bus AM
Bus PM
Car AM
Car PM
Combination of the two
Address of bus stop

Your child may not be able to ride the bus on the first day of school if you have not provided the information above. Please help us have a smooth year by calling in and supplying the information.

Shive's Virtual Open House

A Student and Parent's Guide to Remote Learning

RSS Childcare Resources

Welcome to the School Year - Videos

Each grade at Shive has created a video to provide information for you and your child for the upcoming school year. This page is being updated as the videos come in, so if your grade isn't represented quite yet, please check back soon!

Click this link to take you directly to the page!


All Grade Levels are posted!

Supply Lists

Supply Lists for each grade level can be found in the Students tab, under "Student Back to School Lists" (or click the text to redirect you).

The page is now complete with all grades represented.

Change to Uniforms

For the upcoming 2020-21 school year, students are permitted to wear their Shive t-shirts instead of the polo-style uniform shirts on the days they attend school. If you would like to order more shirts, please see to announcement below in regards to ordering.

SWARM T-Shirt Orders

Keep an eye on this space for future updates on new orders!

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