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Pursuant to G.S. 115C-518 and 160A-269, Rowan-Salisbury Schools Board of Education hereby gives notice that it has received an offer of $3,640,012  to purchase Apple devices as described below. RSS will enter into an upset bid process for the sale of the items listed below. Specifics on the procedure is  listed under General Information. Anyone wishing to upset this bid must bid a minimum 10% of the first thousand then of 5% the remaining which would be a minimum bid of $3,822,062.6. Interested parties may submit a written bid, electronic responses will not be accepted, by 5/29/2020 3:00 P.M. Eastern Time to the attention of David Blattner, 1000 N. Long Street, Salisbury, NC 28144. Any questions should be directed to David Blattner CTO. Rowan-Salisbury Schools reserves the right to refuse any and all bids at any time.

The sale is comprised of the following equipment:

  • iPad 4                                                   563
  • iPad 5                                                  14603
  • iPad Air                                                205
  • MacBook Pro 13' Early 2015                31
  • MacBook Air 11' Early 2015                 5301
  • MacBook Air 11'Early 2013                  406
  • MacBook Air 13' Early 2015                1487
  • iMac Early 2009                                  110

All iPads have cases


  • All inventories will be sold “as-is and where-is” with no guarantee or warranty, actual, expressed or implied as to the marketability, correctness, description, fitness or condition of the item.
    • The Buyer bears the entire risk of the inventory quality and performance. Except as explicitly provided, if a Device proves defective after purchase, the Buyer (and not the Seller) assumes the entire cost of all servicing or repair.
    • The buyer will provide a minimum guarantee for the quantities bid. This minimum will be paid per device regardless of condition. The buyer will also provide a list of premiums that would increase the price above the guaranteed minimum amount.
    • Numbers are the best guess and will vary, as such the bidder will provide a breakdown of the proposed purchase price on a per unit basis to account for number discrepancy either above or below.
    • The Buyer will be responsible for removing and disposing of all casing.
  • The offer will not be lowered due to cosmetic conditions or engravings. 
    • Cosmetic conditions include case discoloring, scratches, engravings, marker, asset tags, dirt, sticker residue, and dings or corner dents.
  • Payment terms:
    • 80% due upon completion of packaging/palletizing of all devices at final pickup (less 5% bid deposit)
    • Balance due – Net 59 from time of final pickup


  • Buyer needs to provide a payment schedule proposed based on the buyer’s COVID-19 response plan.



  • Buyer is to be bonded and insured to cover the value of the equipment. Proof of insurance required prior to award of purchase contract.
  • Buyer will provide a “Letter of Good-Standing” from its bank or financing partner prior to award of purchase contract.
  • Buyer should have a minimum of three references with transactions valued at $1M or more.
  • Buyer should be willing to offer turn-key proposal that includes:
    • Multiple onsite pickup at 35 sites.
    • Ability to perform pickup utilizing buyers personnel without additional cost to project.
    • Destruction of all data on hard drives to NIST 800-88 standards.
    • Packaging of all devices/material as listed above.
      • Packaging material includes: pallets, crates, boxes, protective sleeves, shrink wrap.
  • Buyer assumes any and all labor, freight charges, or fees without additional cost to Seller.
  • The buyer must include a collection plan that will minimize contact between people and help to ensure the safety of staff, students, and families. If any of RSS staff are going to be necessary in the collection process, it must be detailed out what their role will be and what measures will be taken to ensure their safety. Failure to supply may be considered a non-response to the bid.
  • Followed by all necessary confirmation documentation, Buyer will arrange a pickup schedule, time, and date to coordinate the counting/final inventory, packing and transportation of the equipment.
  • Both Buyer and Seller will sign documentation showing the pick-up date, item description, and unit count before leaving with any equipment.
  • Seller must identify if power cords are required
  • Seller ensures all devices have been removed from Apple’s Device Enrollment Program and Apple iCloud/Activation Lock.  Mac Devices will be removed from EFI lock or Firmware.



  • Given current decisions with the governor and legislator, we will be seeking to deliver these devices later than June. Please provide a plan that would accommodate later delivery including pricing.


  • Buyer needs to detail accommodations that will be made for delays that could occur if conditions surrounding the corona virus cause delay in device collection and availability. Address any price changes and when they would occur if quantities are not as high due to poor ability to collect and/or devices coming in after the projected due date.




  • Buyer ensures that all products will be counted, packed, loaded, palletized, and transported out of the district no later than 2 calendar weeks from beginning of project start date.


  • Buyer needs to detail accommodations that will be made for delays that could occur if conditions surrounding the corona virus cause delay due to poor ability to collect and/or devices coming in after the projected due date.



  • RSS will begin the upset bid process by placing notice in the newspaper and website stating that an offer has been received for the listed equipment, and that the minimum upset bid allowed by statute shall be at least 10% higher than the advertised bid during the 10-day upset bid process.
  • A deposit in the amount of 5% of the upset bid is required by the highest bidder at the end of the 10-day period. Only certified funds or money orders are accepted.
  • The upset bid process will be repeated until no qualifying upset bids are received.
  • At the close of the upset bid process, the highest bidder shall enter into a contract incorporating the terms of this notice of sale, including a provision requiring payment of 80% of the bid amount at pickup (this amount includes the 5% deposit), and the remaining balance due 59 days from pickup of the devices. Unless an alternate plan must be used due to COVID-19.

Bid Criteria

  • The following criteria will be used to evaluate any bids submitted:
    • Value
    • Safety
    • COVID-19 accommodations
    • Flexibility
    • Financial stability of company
    • References

2020 RSS Device Specifics

Note: This information is for planning purposes only, not a guarantee of quantity