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Rockwell Elementary School is located in Rockwell, North Carolina. We have approximately 550 students in grades Pre-K-5 with twenty-seven classrooms and nine support/enhancement teachers. Our school begins at 7:30 and ends at 2:30 each day. Our students are not required to wear uniforms. Rockwell's mascot is the Rocket and our colors are purple and teal.

Rockwell’s Motto:
Students first!

Rockwell’s Vision:
Where the school community strives to reach its greatest potential in a safe environment that is relevant, engaging, and rigorous for all.

Rockwell’s Mission:
To create an engaging environment where problem solving, collaboration, and innovation thrive.

Cafeteria Prices

Regular priced student lunch $2.25
Regular priced student breakfast $1.00
Adult lunch: $3.50

**Breakfast begins serving at 7:00