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RCEC Technology Support

Please review the information below, if you do not find a solution or need more assistance contact Mr. Kitchen by email or through Canvas.
Canvas Support and Chat: 1 (833) 201-4190
Teachers and students may contact Canvas Support 24-7.
You may also contact the RSS Technology Help Desk: 980-330-1078 available from 7am - 4:30pm.
RCCC Technology Support available at: 

Basic iPad Troubleshooting Tips
Trouble with apps

  • Close the app and reload. (double click home button and swipe out of app)
  • Files are associated to the app by default, so be sure to have a copy of an important file before deleting its app
  • Delete the app and reinstall from Self Service
  • Use the web browser version in Safari or Chrome if possible
  • Hard reset the iPad (hold the power button and the home button until the apple comes back up and then let go of the buttons)

Trouble with a website

  • Completely close out of the current browser (double click the home button and swipe out)
  • Try the website in Safari and Chrome
  • Hard reset the iPad (hold the power button and home button until the apple comes back up, and then let go of buttons)
  • Use the app if it is available

Trouble with college e-texts

  • Start with Safari
  • Under Settings-Safari be sure Block Pop-ups is off (gray)
  • Under Settings-Safari be sure Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is off (gray)
  • Under Settings-Safari Clear History and Website Data
  • This will force you to sign in to zscaler again and may resolve the issue (see below for more information)
  • Try Chrome- Pearson E-texts require the use of Chrome
  • Under the 3-dot menu in Chrome-Settings-Content Settings be sure Block Pop-ups is off
  • Under the 3-dot menu in Chrome-Settings-Privacy-Clear Browsing Data-Time Range- All Time
  • ​This will force you to sign in to zscaler again and may resolve the issue (see below for more information)

Trouble with iPad Keyboard

  • Check under Settings-General-About Below SEID it should say Rugged Combo if not the connection is bad
  • Be sure keyboard is flat and extended in front of the screen
  • Check for an available iPad update

Trouble Downloading Files

  • In Safari- Press down on the link you want to download. From the popup menu, tap download linked file
  • In the upper right corner tap the Download button (arrow in the circle) to see the download entry
  • Tap the file to view, tap Share Icon (arrow in box) to copy, print or email file
  • Files are saved to iCloud by default this can be changed
  • Settings-Safari-Downloads-On My iPad or other location
  • In Chrome- Tap slightly on the screen showing the open document
  • Look for the OPEN IN... button at the bottom of the screen
  • Click and you should have a share panel open
  • There should be a few options even some under the more menu
  • Select Save to Files to choose exactly where you want it to go
  • If you have Word, PowerPoint you should see their folder as well
  • Be careful if you delete the app it may delete all files stored in that folder

Trouble With Microsoft Office

  • The first time you open an Office app it will ask you to sign in
  • Choose existing Office 365 account and enter your username (Example - smithca123@rss.k12.nc.us)
  • Sign in through the RSS sign-in page if required

Editing PDFs on iPad

  • Use of the Markup tool is generally quick and easy. It looks like a pencil and generally is the default app that opens a PDF
  • Better control and management can be done using the Books App available on the iPads by Default.

Trouble With International Characters on Keyboard

Example: To add “é” - Press the “option” + the “e” key at the same time and then press the e key one more time.

  • Option + e then the desired letter (a, e, i, o or u) results: á, é, í, ó, ú
  • Option + i then the desired letter (a, e , i , o or u) results: â, ê, î, ô, û
  • Option + n then the desired letter (a, n or o) results: ã, ñ, õ You can use the same approach in order to find other combinations.

Network Information

Connecting to RSS:

Your iPad should connect to this network automatically. If it does not, click Settings Wi-Fi. Turn the wifi off and wait a minute. Turn it back on and choose the RSS wifi. If it still fails to connect you should try to restart your iPad. If you are still unable to connect, you should put in a help request.

Connecting to RCCC:

  • Connect to the RCCCPersonalDevice network.
  • Log into the network.
    • For students, your username is your student username followed by @student.rccc.edu. (e.g., doe.j.12345@student.rccc.edu).
    • Your password is your Blackboard and email password.
    • You may reset your password by using the password reset form.
    • Password requirements
    • Your computer will ask for your username and password after you connect (This is what you use to sign in to your computer (ex. User: smithca123 Password: Student ID/Lunch Number).
  • Connect to the RCCCPublic network.
  • It is recommended you only use RCCCPublic in an emergency, it will continually attempt to connect over other networks!
  • Fill in the pop-up form with your name and phone number.
  • You will receive a text with login information.
  • The college networks will also use Zscaler- see Connecting at home for more information

Connecting at home:

Zscaler is our home internet filter. The first time you connect to the Internet away from school it will ask you for your zscaler information.
1. Connect to your home wifi
2. Open Safari
3. Go to www.rssed.org
4. This should prompt the RSS zScaler page
5. Sign in to zScaler

Zscaler User Name: 
Up to 15 characters of the last name + first initial + middle initial + last 3 digits of Student ID# + @rss.k12.nc.us   
Example - smithca123@rss.k12.nc.us
Zscaler Password - Your student ID # (Lunch Number)

Your computer should remember this info unless you reset your browser. 

Zscaler Troubleshooting: If websites fail to load properly, you may have a Zscaler issue. Try the following steps to reset Zscaler on your iPad.

  • Close Safari Browser App
  • Delete Browsing Data (Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Date -> Remove All Website Data)
  • Open Safari Browser
  • Visit URL ip.zscaler.com
    • Click the Connection Quality Link located beside the Zscaler Logo at top of page
  • Login with your RSS login
  • Try your website again

Canvas / Discovery Ed / Achieve 3000 Access

You may access most RSS sites and services through Clever.

  • Log-In Name: last name + first initial + middle initial + last 3 digits of student ID     Example: smithjd123
  • Password: Student ID (Lunch Number)

Email Access

Connecting to RSS:

  • Log-In Name: last name + first initial + middle initial + last 3 digits of student ID@rssed.org

​       Example: smithjd123@rssed.org

  • Password: Student ID# (Lunch Number)
  • Click the Student e-mail button on the rss homepage to check your e-mail. You may also login to www.google.com and select mail or drive. This filtered/monitored account also includes a Google Drive account with free Google storage.

Connecting to RCCC:

  • User IDs for student email follow the pattern below.
  • {first 10 letters of your last name}.{the first initial of your first name}.{last 5 digits of your RCCC Student ID}@student.rccc.edu
  • For example, student James Stephanopolis with the ID number 0087654 would have the WebAdvisor user ID stephanopo.j.87654.
  • Click the Student e-mail button on the RCCC homepage to check your e-mail. This account is used for college contacts especially your college professors.