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Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy for 2019–2020

The articles of clothing that make up the Overton Dress Code Policy are available at many local

stores. Any clothing you already have may be worn if it meets the guidelines of this policy.

Please review the following guidelines for a clear understanding of what articles of clothing meet

our dress code policy.


Shirts/Blouses:Any SOLID color polo style shirt with a collar (no logos) OR approved Overton

spirit wear

Pants/Shorts:Solid navy blue, black or tan khaki (no denim)

Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Jackets:any color SOLID with no emblems/words (crew neck, cardigan,

or vest), No hooded jackets or shirts are permitted inside the building.

Socks/leggings/tights:Any (no words) *Tights/leggings are meant to be worn UNDER a uniform

appropriate bottom (pants, jumpers, skirts, shorts). Tights/leggings should not be worn alone.

Shoes:Athletic shoes or shoes with a safe PE tread

Skirts, skorts, dresses, jumpers:Solid navy blue, black, or tan khaki



No details (name brand logos/words or symbols, lace, ruffles, ribbons, etc.)

No denim except for non-uniform days designated by administration.

Jackets and coats that are worn in the classroom or hallway must meet dress code


All clothing must fit appropriately and be of an appropriate length.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans, and jackets must be worn with a collared shirt or Overton spirit


No headwear will be permitted inside the building. This includes combs, picks, bandanas or

headscarves, hats.

If belts are worn they must be a solid color.

Pants must sit at the waistline.



1st Offense- Parent contact (teacher)

2nd Offense- Parent contact (teacher) and student must borrow clothing from clothes closet

3rd Offense- Parent contact (teacher) and parent must bring uniform clothing to student at