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North Rowan Middle School

North Rowan Middle School 2020-2021 Annual Title I Meeting

Parents and families watch to learn about Title I and how Title I benefits our school! Please use this agenda to make sure you listen for all the important features of how Title I effects your student. After viewing, please complete the quick survey at this link.


Superintendent Awards Excellence in Educational Performance
Jeanie McDowell
Bailey Webster, Dr. Watlington, Kayla Young

Bailey Webster, Dr. Watlington, Kayla Young

Superintendent of Rowan-Salisbury Schools, Dr. Tony B. Watlington, Sr., recognized two high school alumni with the first Superintendent’s Award of Excellence in Educational Performance for outstanding educational achievement in a small awards ceremony today at the Wallace Educational Forum.

Bailey Webster, a 2021 graduate and co-valedictorian of South Rowan High School, and Kayla Young, a 2021 graduate, and valedictorian of Carson High School, were each recognized for their outstanding educational achievements during their high school years at their respective schools.

Watlington proudly awarded both graduates as their families, former principals and district administrators were there to support them. A reception followed.