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Career and College Promise (CCP)

What is Career and College Promise?

Career and College Promise (CCP) is an opportunity for North High juniors and seniors to dually enroll in Rowan-Cabarrus courses to work towards college-transfer credits as well as career and vocational certification pathways.  CCP courses count towards both the students’ high school and college transcripts. 

The program is tuition-free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements. Although students are responsible for paying for textbooks and course supplies for their courses, North High offers financial assistance for these items as needed, to assure all students have access to this fantastic opportunity. Click here to download the form for assistance with textbooks.  Email completed forms to meredith.williams@rss.k12.nc.us

See the full Rowan Cabarrus CCP guide here for the list of all courses and registration requirements.

CTE Courses: https://www.rccc.edu/highschool/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2018/11/CCP-Tech-Book.pdf

College Transfer Courses: https://www.rccc.edu/highschool/wp-content/uploads/sites/42/2018/09/CCP-Transfer-Book.pdf

Click on the image below to see a commercial for the program.
Are the classes taught only on the RCCC campus?

No, students can take CCP courses through a variety of delivery methods.  Some CCP courses are taught by RCCC instructors right here at North Rowan High School.  CCP courses are also taught on the RCCC campuses, especially those with special labs and advanced equipment.  
Many students choose to take CCP courses online and utilize the Student Success Center at North High to study and complete course assignments during the school day.  Our Student Success Coordinator is available at all times in the Success Center to support students in their online and in-person courses, as they learn to navigate the college system.

Who can help me determine if CCP is right for me?  

We have a Career Coach, Omar Crenshaw, at North Rowan High who can help you define your True North pathway and determine how CCP courses may best fit your college or career goals.  Also, our School Counselors will assist you in the application and registration process.  Make an appointment by emailing Mr. Crenshaw (omar.crenshaw@rccc.edu) or dropping by room G46. 

How and when do I register for CCP?

The best time to register is in the spring of your sophomore or junior year as you plan for your junior and senior year schedule.  Our School Counselors and Career Coach will walk alongside you through the process.  You can find the registration forms here (https://www.rccc.edu/highschool/), but you should engage with your Counselor or Career Coach before you begin the process.  

How do CCP courses help my high school transcript?

Most CCP courses count towards high school course credit as well as college course credit through the dual-enrollment process.  Some CCP courses count towards specific graduation requirements - like a math, science, English, or social studies credit.  Other CCP courses count as electives.  

Because CCP courses are college-level courses, many carry an Honors or Advanced Placement weight on the high school transcript.  You can see the full list of all courses and their weight here http://www.nc-sis.org/courses.html  by clicking on the course code master list for the school year.