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Teacher Led Design Team

Learn about the Teacher Led Design Team process: 

What is a teacher led design team? 

A North Area teacher’s reflections on teacher led design teams 

Our TLDT Members:

Tre Holmes

Lydia Allen

Emily Freeman

Benjamin Butchart

William Fuller

Cynthia Coleman

Thomasine Oglesby-Keaton-El

Ashley Miller *Chair


Design Challenge: How can teachers use time and collaborative practices more effectively to increase productivity, sense of success, and enhance professional performance?

SIT Members:

Alexis Greer

Wendy Bringle

Jorge Castro

Lydia Allen*

TrE Holmes*

William Fuller*

Emily Freeman*

Cynthia Coleman*

Thomasine Oglesby-Keaton-El*


Design Challenge: How can our school be structured to develop the soft skills students need for life? 

SIT Members:

Tina Dixon

Angela Keaton

Angela Alford

Mark Woody

Angelo McCaw

Benjamin Butchart*

Ashley Miller*

*Denotes TLDT members