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Meredith Williams


Welcome to North Rowan High School!  As principal, it is a privilege to serve alongside our faculty to create a positive learning atmosphere for our students daily. Strong support and collaboration from parents/guardians, school staff, alumni, and the community help to make North High School a great educational environment. This collaboration is critical to the continued success of our Cavaliers.

Andrew Stacey

North Rowan High School welcomes our newest Technology Facilitator! Mr. Stacey originates from Australia and has begun the year revamping our website, classroom technology setups and has began laptop roll-outs to students and professional development of teachers! Mr. Stacey's background as a Social Studies teacher and expertise in technology has already helped shape many of our wonderful teachers in developing cutting edge tools to help engage our inspiring students!

Lydia Adkins

North Rowan High School 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year