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Students succeeding

Nursing Fundamentals

Anthony Johnson

You never know what Debbie Sousa’s nursing fundamentals students will be up to. On this particular morning, under Sousa’s watchful eye, they are bathing patients.


Well, sort of. The “patients” are three mannequins the students work with. The students are properly learning how to give bed baths. Sousa carefully monitors their every move, making sure no body parts on the mannequins are exposed, except for arms and legs.


The nurse’s aide curriculum comes with a skills performance checklist, which Sousa uses for her observations — even noting that students should use a washcloth to “floss” between the mannequins’ toes.


They call one mannequin “Miss Sasquatch” because her feet are so big.


Students were to go to Trinity Health and Rehab in late October to work with residents there.