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Class of 1968 present check to NRHS

Susan Shinn Turner


Class of 1968 present check to Mrs. Williams

Charlotte Cherry, left, and Sylvia Bailey, right, representing the North Rowan Class of 1968, presented Principal Meredith Williams with a check for $1,325 before the homecoming game on Oct. 5, 2018.

Before the start of the homecoming game Oct. 5, representatives of North Rowan High School presented Principal Meredith Williams with a check for $1,325. They’d had their 50th reunion the weekend before.

According to announcer David Connor, “The class of 1968 is known for their creativity, their fun-loving humor, and their generosity. In order to support the efforts of NRHS to nurture and encourage students to cultivate their gifts and talents for academics, careers, and life the class of 1968 is here tonight to present a donation of $1,325 to the school.”

The gift is unrestricted, said Charlotte Cherry ’68.

“We’re also going to place an ad in the yearbook,” added Sylvia Bailey ’68.

Charlotte said that about 25 classmates and 25 guests gathered last weekend.

“I came back in May to talk to Mrs. Williams,” she added, “and I was blown out of the water about what’s now happening at North. I’m a retired teacher myself.”

Sylvia, whose two children were members of the North classes of 1994 and 1997, is still teaching as a part of the Families First program.

She also loves the positive changes taking place at North, she said.