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Uniform Policy

Shirts: any solid colored, collared shirt (turtleneck, short or long sleeves)

Bottoms: solid khaki or navy blue pants, capris, shorts/skirts (appropriate length)

Tights: solid navy blue or white

Sweaters/Sweatshirts: any solid colored crew neck, v-neck, cardigan or NRE sweatshirt to be worn with collared shirt

Belts: required if pants have belt loops; if no belt loops pants must fit appropriately at waist

Other Notes:

  • no writing on uniform attire other than official NRE spirit wear
  • no jeans, jean skirts, sweatpants or cargo pants can be worn
  • shirts must be tucked in
  • all clothing must fit appropriately
  • follow RSS guidelines from Code of Conduct
  • length of bottoms should be no higher than above the knee
  • recommend closed-toe shoes such as sneakers