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eLearning Day

The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education recently approved eLearning Make-Up Days due to Inclement Weather.

In December, students missed three (3) days of school due to inclement weather.  Two (2) of these days were waived.   

We will be piloting our first eLearning Make-Up Day on Tuesday, January 22nd. Students will be learning from home on this day and will be required to complete assignments given to them by their teachers. 

A letter will be sent home with information about the assignments and teachers will discuss the eLearning Day assignments with their students.  Mrs. Zehmer, school principal, will be following up with additional information, and you can also refer to our district website at www.rssed.org as well as looking at the information below.

You can find information about assignments in the grade level files below.

Student eLearning Day Information

eLearning Day Assignments