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School Improvement

SIT Members

The School Improvement Team (SIT) meet once a month to discuss needs and concerns in helping to grow and improve our school. The team consists of members from each grade level and special area in the school as well as parent representatives.

SIT Chairperson - Natalie Sherrill
Principal - Brooke Zehmer
Assistant Principal - Ashley Roach


Grade Level Representatives
Kindergarten - Stephanie Kiefer
First Grade - Tracy Christy
Second Grade - Sherree Rash
Third Grade - Lainee Call
Fourth Grade - Natalie Sherrill
Fifth Grade - Tracy Kluttz


Staff Representatives
Classified Staff - Shanna Matlock
Guidance Counselor - Barbara Ward
Media/Technology - Kelly Crews

Enhancements - Kyle Leslie

AIG/EC/ESL - Jayne Fisher

Instructional Reading Design Coach - Angie Basinger


Parent Representatives
Hannah Crowe and Julia Patterson





For notes, regarding each meeting, please click on the meeting date.

September Meeting

SIT Plan

Please click here for the 2016 - 2018 School Improvement Plan.