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New Beginnings

Landis Elementary School

New Beginnings
Kelly Crews

Its that time of year - teachers are getting ready to welcome back students! Classrooms have been cleaned and decorated, lesson plans have been thought through and materials gathered and ready. And teachers are picking out their first day of school outfits.


But this year is a little different for Landis’ fifth grade teacher, Tracy Kluttz. While her classroom is ready, her lesson plans done and everything is ready to go, Ms. Kluttz’s school outfits are a little different this year.


This year, she is rockin’ the headscarf.


Ms. Kluttz with diagnosed with cancer nearing the end of last school year. She has been fighting it hard all summer so she could come back ready to go and strong for her students! And she is here!


After a discussion with her students about her cancer and headscarf. They got down to the business of learning. Right now, they are working on heat transfer in science, the newest math standards and how to rock Achieve 3000.


Soon though, Ms. Kluttz had an idea. She was ready to rid herself of the headscarf. But what to do with that perfect pallet of baldness?


She let her students draw on it of course!


During art class, Mrs. Corriher helped students and administration create a work of art from the perfect pallet Ms. Kluttz provided. Students shared their artistic nature while creating a new-do for Ms. Kluttz. They also created a bond. A bond with their teacher and with each other that will last the school year and for many years to come she hopes.


And while Ms. Kluttz still picks out a headscarf each day, both she and her students know she can go without.  They will love her no matter what her beautifully bald head looks like.

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