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First Grade  YouTube  Book Talks

Landis Elementary School

First Grade  YouTube  Book Talks
Kelly Crews

Noticing that their students were struggling with written expression, the first grade team surveyed their students in order to find a common means of expression that they were all interested in. Students expressed interest in YouTube and vlogging. With this in mind, we decided to tailor our instruction into this relevant form of media to help encourage students with their writing. Students were asked to choose a book that they would recommend to others. After choosing their book, the students responded to a series of text based questions based on their story. Their responses were then videoed and posted on a YouTube channel for a larger audience. Excited about getting to share their work on YouTube, students were more eager and inspired to write in response to a text.

You can visit their YouTube channel at the link below! Please Like, Subscribe and leave our students some positive feedback!




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