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Knox Center For Accelerated Studies


Thank you for your interest in our new magnet program. This program enables students to enter high school with up to 5 high school credits!

We are excited to offer the following high school credit courses:

7th Grade

World History - Mrs. C Cook
Spanish (Part 1) - Mr. K Hamilton

8th Grade

English I - Mr. J Reinsvold
Math I - Ms. J Thomas
Earth and Environmental Science - Ms. J Wilkerson
Spanish (Part 2) - Mr. K Hamilton

Students who earn credits in these courses will start high school ahead of the game. This will allow them to take higher-level courses once they are in high school. All students who currently reside in the Knox attendance zone will remain at the school. Students who reside in Rowan County, but outside of the Knox attendance zone will be able to apply to attend Knox Center for Accelerated Studies.


How many courses are available for high school credit?

We will offer 5 high school credit courses. World History and Spanish 1 Part A will be offered in 7th grade and English 1, Math 1, Earth and Environmental Science will be offered in the 8th grade. Students will need to take Spanish 1 Part A in the 7th grade and Spanish 1 Part B in the 8th grade in order to receive 1 high school credit. The only exception is that for the 2016-2017 school year only 8th grade students will be able to earn the entire high school credit in one year at Knox.

Can 6th grade students enroll in high school credit courses?

No, we do not feel it is developmentally appropriate for 6th grade students to take courses 3 and 4 years above their current grade level. However, we will offer Exploring Spanish Language and Culture as an exploratory that will help prepare them for Spanish 1.

Do students have to take all 5 high school credit courses?

No, the amount of high school courses your child takes is up to you and your child. It is important to remember that these are high school courses and they will be challenging and rigorous. We can help guide that decision if you would like but ultimately it is up to the family to decide how many high school credit courses they take.

If I have two children in middle school and one gets accepted what happens to the other child if they are not accepted?

If this occurs we would be happy to enroll both children at Knox, however in order to enroll in the high school credit courses, minimum requirements must be met.

Is transportation provided for students?

Transportation will be available to all students who live in the RSS district at no cost.

How will attending this program impact future admission at Early College if we choose to apply to go there for high school?

We are currently working with Early College to answer this question thoroughly. Completing the Knox Center for Accelerated Studies program will certainly not negatively impact enrollment at Early College. It is our hope it will give them an advantage, as they will already have up to 5 high school credits.

What magnet options are available in high school?

Each high school is working on implementing an academy where they will offer a unique program. We are working with our high school principals and will add the information here.

Will these earned high school credits be transferrable if we move to another district?

Yes, since the courses are approved by the North Carolina Department of Instruction, they are transferrable to any public North Carolina school. While we assume they would be accepted by private school you would have to contact them as they set their own policies.

Does everyone have to apply to be in the program?

You only need to apply if you live outside of the Knox attendance boundary. If you are already zoned for our school you do not need to apply to come to Knox.

How were teachers selected to teach the high school courses?

Teachers are required to be high school certified by the state of North Carolina to teach the high school courses.

What kind of end of year testing will my child have to take?

If your child is in a high school credit class (except Spanish) they will have to take the grade level end of year test as well as the end of year test for the high school class. For example, if your child takes Earth and Environmental Science they will be required to take the 8th grade science End of Grade test as well as the Earth and Environmental Science N.C. Final Exam.

Is there after school-care available?

While we do not offer after school care at Knox you can explore private care options. We have had private companies pick students up from Knox after school in the past.

Please contact us if you have a question not listed here. We will add it to the document.


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