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Strategic Planning Launch: We are Listening

Isenberg Elementary School

Strategic Planning Launch: We are Listening
Jeanie McDowell

Superintendent Dr. Tony Watlington launched the planning process for Strategic Plan 2027 at the April 12 Board of Education Meeting, and he wants your input.

"I want this strategic plan not just to reduce gaps in student performance as measured by test scores, I want this plan to be so far-reaching and so bold that we create life-changing opportunities for all of our children,” Watlington said.

Strategic Plan 2027 will allow us to build on our successes, harness our innovation and cohesively utilize the unique opportunities that have been given to us through Renewal and our $26 million federal grant. We’re striving to create an equity-focused strategic plan that builds on our strengths, aggressively tackles opportunity gaps, and takes on inclusive community engagement.

Watlington is seeking feedback from individuals across our community through a stakeholder survey (click here to participate), focus groups and a steering committee made up of community leaders and RSS parents, students, and staff. 

"It’s essential that we have feedback from lots of groups in our community. If we’re truly going to have a district strategic plan that all of us believe in, feel good about and support, we all have to have some skin in the game,” Watlington said. “At the end of the day, this won’t be Tony Watlington’s strategic plan. This won’t be the Rowan-Salisbury Schools Board of Education’s strategic plan. This will be our strategic plan.”

Strategic Plan 2027 will launch in July. For more information, visit the Strategic Plan webpage on our website.


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