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HIHS Student / Parent Handbook



We are excited to serve the students of Rowan County, grades 6-12 in the alternative education setting. We are committed to restoring social awareness, re-engaging our students’ passion for learning, improving academic performance that is aligned with students’ learning needs and creating a culture where we build positive, caring and supportive relationships with students and their families. Our continuum of alternative services strives to proactively target the needs of at-risk students with early intervention strategies, social emotional learning, quality instruction and highly trained, talented teachers and staff members. At Henderson, we try our best to help students every day in a smaller, structured, nurturing environment that builds their ability to be successful in the traditional school setting and beyond. To accomplish this, we may focus on attendance, academic credit, or behavioral challenges specific to each student as an individual. New this year, we will have a uniform requirement that will help students focus and lessen distractions.

Alexis Cowan, Principal


Henderson (HIHS) serves students in an alternative education setting based on a referral or placement system in Rowan Salisbury Schools. Currently, HIHS consists of three separate programs housed in one facility. These programs include:


- Henderson Middle School

- Henderson High School

- Opportunity Day/Twilight School

Henderson Handbook