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Students succeeding


Creating holistic global leaders

We exist to create an environment where students want to learn, parents want to send their children, communities want to engage, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work. Henderson Independent High School develops and prepares non-traditional LEADERS for success, achievement and empowerment through an extraordinary education every day. Our school provides an alternative, interactive. inclusive, community learning environment that allows all students to develop a sense of social, personal, and community awareness. Our students receive the knowledge, competence and experience needed to thrive in local and global communities. At Henderson, LEADERS ARE DEVELOPED!

Place of Possibilities


· Our students are capable of being successful;
· In educating the whole child;
· Relationships are the foundation of a successful inclusive school environment;
· In fully utilizing the total school community for Extraordinary Education Every Day;
· In a culture of high expectations for ALL students understanding that flexibility and personalization is key for individual student success;
· In academic, experiential, and vocational components of learning to prepare students for college and/or career readiness in global economy;
· In restorative discipline to mold, shape and help students make positive life choices;
· In academic innovation offering a multitude of learning strategies: personalized learning, cooperative learning, standards-based learning, problem and project-based teaching, teaching to multiple intelligences.
· In a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes college and/or career readiness standards as well as a focus on personal development and behavior;
· In strong parental and community relationships and that LEADERS ARE DEVELOPED!!