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School Improvement Plan

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School Improvement Team

Team Role



SIT Chairperson:

Amy Peeler

5th grade teacher


Ryan Disseler


Assistant Principal

Kristi Miracco

Assistant Principal

SIT Member

Kelly Hain

Kindergarten Teacher

SIT Member:

Danielle Getz

1st grade teacher

SIT Member

Natacha Lewis

2nd grade teacher

SIT Member

Jillian Kniffen

3rd grade teacher

SIT Member

Ashley Blood

4th grade teacher

SIT Member

Kimberly Bowden

Teacher Assistant

SIT Member

Allison Roz


SIT Member

Patricia Ritchie

Title I

SIT Member

Pennie Sides

Parent Representative

SIT Member

Charmeer Raindrop

Technology Facilitator

SIT Member

Jessica Mosher

Reading Coach

SIT Member

Leslie Foster

ESL Teacher

SIT Member

MaryJo Gouge

Exceptional Children Teacher

SIT Member

Janelya Lewis Baker

Guidance Counselor

All SIT Meetings are held in Hurley's Media Center the 1st Monday of each month @2:45pm.

Anyone is welcomed to attend.

SIT Minutes