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Vision Statement

At Hurley Elementary School, we are a unified team that works with integrity, enthusiasm, and passion to challenge, motivate, and inspire each other. With high hopes and expectations, we work with intentionality and purpose to continuously improve our school.

Mission Statement

With passion, respect, and integrity, Staff of Hurley Elementary School are dedicated to the support of an inspiring environment at Hurley Elementary School that promotes excellence in academics and excellence in character. Ongoing, collaborative efforts will support the implementation of enriched educational programs and the maintenance of superior facilities. Intentional sponsorship of school wide events will promote a welcoming and inclusive environment that inspires families to fully participate in their children's educational experience and invites the surrounding community to share our vision of educational excellence. Staff will collaborate to promote the continual improvement of the educational experience, thereby offering all Hurley Elementary students the opportunity to become outstanding citizens and life-long learners.