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1:1 iPad Info

One to One Information

To complete the 1:1 Parent Training, please complete the following steps:

When you do your studnets on-line registration you will be asked to watch the parent information video and sign the RUP (Responsible Use Policy).

Responsible use policy: https://boardpolicyonline.com/bl/?b=rowan_salisbury_new#&&hs=180725

There is also a User Fee. You may make the user fee payment at your school (cash only please) or online via credit card. The Elementary and Middle School students payment is $20. 

*Please note that once a child brings their device home, the user fee is no longer refundable.

Online Usage Fee Payment Center


HDES Media Center

Triple P Positive Parenting Program helps all parents handle everyday child behavior issues that can make family like stresstull Please call 704-639-3046 and ask for the CIS office to confirm. A snack will be provided. A drawing will be held for a $25 gas gift card..


As we are trying to prevent the spread of the cold and flu during this time of year, RSSS has realized a chart of our communicable disease policy/procedures. We hope you all stay healthy this time of year.