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Hanford-Dole Elementary School

Hanford-Dole Elementary

Hanford-Dole Elementary School News

5th Grade Escapes The Body Systems

Our 5th grade students participated in a body system escape room.  They worked as a group to find questions through out the room that they then answered about the different body systems. This was a culminating activity for their science unit. Then they use a code breaker to solve the code to break out.

Career Day for our 3rd--5th graders.

Thank you to all the wonderful community business leaders who took time out of their day to come share with our students about their careers.  They talked about what the job was like, what type of training or educations they needed and what they loved about their job.

Read Across America Celebration

Read Across America Week happen the week of March 5th.  Each day we celebrated base of a Dr. Suess Book. The students and staff were encouraged to dress up each day.

We also had the Spring Book far this week.

Tied to Kindness

On Friday we all wore ties or scarves to show we are tied to kindness.

100th Day of  School

Students and Staff at HDES celebrated the 100th Day of School on 2/7/18. They read book and did lots of fun activities. We even dressed up as if we were 100 years old.

NRMS visits our 2nd graders

North Rowan Middle School is making a difference! A group of students from NRMS came to visit our 2nd graders. Our second graders are elated! Reading matters! Mentors matter!

Winner of pumpkin contest

Teachers decorated pumpkins to resemble main characters in popular children’s books.  On Family Literacy Night, Nov 8th, parents and students judged the best pumpkin that most closely depicted the main character in the book. 

1st Place Winner          If You Give a Mouse a Cookie             Mrs. Webb

2nd Place Winner         Bad Kitty for Christmas                      Mrs. McIntyre

3rd Place Winner         Pout Pout Fish                                     Ms. Etheridge


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