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Kindness Week all month of Febuary

Hanford-Dole Elementary School

Christina Rutledge

Each class is participation in a Door Decorating competition 

Week 1:  Staff and students wear red or pink each day they are at school.  

  • Students will color/decorate a kindness bookmark.
  • Morning Paws will show a video on kindness
  • Check a kind deed off of the list K-2 and 3-5

Week 2: Students will do kind messages on a heart for each student by using kind wordles.  

  •  Check a kind deed off the list
  • Kindness video shown on Morning Paws

Week 3:  Students will write a note or make a card to a staff member thanking them or with a kind message.

  • Check off list
  • Kindness video shown on Morning Paws

Week 4: Students will write about a time when someone did something kind for them and how it made them feel.

  •  Check off list
  •  Kindness video shown on Morning Paws