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Hanford Dole Elementary: Remembering Senator Bob Dole

Hanford-Dole Elementary School

Christina Rutledge

SALISBURY, North Carolina - This week at Hanford Dole Elementary School, the students and staff were busy learning about and honoring a hero of their town. The loss of Senator Bob Dole made a great impact on not only the community, but the nation. The students learned of Bob Dole’s accomplishments and what a hardworking, genuine man he was. Hanford Dole Elementary School is named in honor of his wife Elizabeth Dole and over the years she has made visits to the school. The students at Hanford Dole made cards and wrote letters to Mrs. Dole in regard to her husband’s passing. They were excited to know that she will be receiving these letters in the mail to brighten her day!

Write letters writing letter
writing letter writing letter