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School Improvement Team

At Faith Elementary We Believe:

  • Every Student Matters Every Moment Counts
  • Creating Digital Citizens for a Global Tomorrow
  • Powerful Opportunities await students within our School.
SIT Meetings are held on Tuesday Dates are listed below

  1. September 26, 2017
  2. October 30, 2017
  3. December 5, 2017
  4. January 9, 2018
  5. February 6, 2018 MOVED TO 22nd of January.
  6. March 6, 2018
  7. April 10, 2018
  8. May 1, 2018

School Improvement Plan 2017-2018 School Year


SIT Meeting Notes 10/27/17

SIT Meeting


Members Present: Mauzy, Moyes, Klein, Dennis, Anderson, Dowell-Reavis, Burris, Young, Beck, Harriger, Jenkins, Wagoner, Chisholm

Data Meeting: Nov. 8th at 11:00am

-look at adequate vs. inadequate growth with your team

Supply Needs: We have received the state and local money allocations for the year. Think of what needs you have and let Denita know.

PBL: showcased in February, a rubic will be provided, start asking the kids what problems they would like to solve, one must be done for each grade level, showcased at Carson High

School, honors chorus performance, art show with Mrs. Nance, a table and a poster to explain our PBL projects Feb. 6th 6-7:30

Media Center News: Mrs. Moyes is buying new fiction, non-fiction and enhanced Light Box e-books. Let Mrs. Moyes know what items you would like to see added to the library. Also, there will be a silent auction on a decorated Christmas tree based on a book and Mrs. Moyes needs a grade level to offer to help in the project which needs to get started soon. The school keeps the money raised from the tree.


SIT Agenda for 12/5/17

Members Present: McCall, Dennis, Mauzy, Chisholm, Moyes, Wagoner, Klein, Burris, Anderson, Nance, Bokus, Dowell-Reavis, Barber (parent), Jenkins, Harriger, Beck

Title I – Money to spend

-Several projectors have broken this week and will need to be

replaced. Talk to your grade level about any needs you may have at

this time.

  • Data
1st Quarter DOK Data: Generally our scores were higher than or at the district average. We need to make sure we focus on deeper knowledge questions. Dig into your grade level vocabulary and provide questioning to support this knowledge.

• Reading Groups
Make sure these are being done daily. Groups should be fluid and meet the diverse needs of the students.

  • Panorama Information
-This is a student survey given to grade levels 3-5. The survey deals with the following areas: classroom climate, classroom engagement, classroom rigorous expectations, classroom teacher-student relationships, and pedagogical effectiveness. Overall, results were positive. Students generally believe our teachers know the content they teach. They also say the teachers do not ask students to explain their thinking.

  • Class Dojo
    -This is non-negotiable and the expectation is that everyone is using this daily. It is important not to send home mixed messages-these messages should be a clear picture of that students’ day.


In the calendar discussion one of the topics was Early Release days. Early release days count as student days; however, we can't trade 2 halves for a whole. It was mentioned that some teachers do not like early release days. Teachers from another school have suggested having early release days on Wednesdays because parents see it as an extended weekend. A suggestion was made to request a half day the last day before Christmas. Another suggestion was made for the 1st day back from Winter Break to be a teacher workday. This year we do have a workday or an early release at the end of every quarter. It was noted that high school need workdays at the end of the semester(s).
If you have any other suggestions Anderson is calendar rep. Please forward your suggestions.

There was an unanimous vote to discontinue 4th and 5th final exams in Science and Social Studies effective this year.

Faith will probably not gain or lose any positions for next year. Wagoner will be a combo 4/5 and there will likely need to be a combo 1/2. Smallest class size is 1st grade per the state law if it goes into effect for 18-19.

Project AIM Math for 1st and 2nd grade - Denita will discuss Project AIM Math with 1st and 2nd grade teachers. District initiated.

SIP plan says we need parent feedback. Panorama - district is going to launch this semester - feedback will be done as a "southeast region-to include all of the schools in our area"
Currently there are 357 questions on a sample questionnaire for parents - the number of questions would be scaled back. We might want to do our own individual survey as well
as the southeast region.

District is planning - connect ed - if a real snow day. The connect-ed will ask students to explore some problem they would like to solve. It may be more suited towards 3rd and upper grades; we should consider what we would want K-2 students to do on a snow day. It needs to be a conversation that would ask students to investigate something that they wonder about. This is not for a grade. The district may waive one or two snow days. Wonderopolis is a good site. Dr. Moody wants the students to come up with their own ideas. K-2 may need to come up with a snow day choice board since the students don't take home their iPads.

Math - Denita is a little worried about pacing. Grade levels need to have a robust conversation about what lesson we are on. Should we stay on it or move on?
We don't have to do every lesson in every module - pick up the pace.

Rounding visit 25th from 9:00a.m. - 9:45a.m. The same crew will visit and they will interview staff. Remember our kids think that the work is too easy.

Next data meeting - Feb. 14th - Valentines day - 1:00pm

Grade level needs to discuss current SIP plan on Feb 19 to come up with revision ideas. Next SIT meeting is Jan 22 at 8:30a.m.


*if link does not work see Maddie's link , Review SIT Plan, Madelyne Burris, Sent: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 4:49 PM

The team meeting for February has been moved from the 6th to the 22nd of January.


SIT Minutes 1/30/18

Members Present: Chisholm, Burris, Moyes, Mauzy, Dowell-Reavis, McCall, Jenkins, Harriger, Nance, Wagoner, Beck, Anderson, Klein, Barber (parent), Bokus, Dennis

School Improvement Plan Progress Update:

Kindergarten-focus on retell for comprehension, improve phonics skills through explicit instruction, word walls for academic vocabulary, academic word study that will prepare students for written comprehension on TRC assessments (explain, problem, summarize, etc.), use of reading tutors for remediation, fluid student groupings based on data, problem based learning chicken coops project, marshmallows and toothpicks to make shapes, Makerspace activities with Moyes in the library, continue Math centers, finish Module 3, students explain how they solved their problems in small groups

1st grade: Written Comprehension skills are still a need, focus on character traits, write daily, begin to use RACE in written responses, re-read the question and their answer, adding details, front load academic vocabulary pulled from weekly texts, Wordly Wise activities, PBL-map and website of Faith in conjunction with walking tour of Faith, Class Dojo for parent communication, Module 2 finishing subtraction and going into measurement, Math is moving more smoothly now that the kids have learned the strategies from Modules 1 and 2, students explain their thinking

2nd grade: students had difficulty with academic vocabulary specific to written comprehension, continue to use RACE strategy for writing, writing across the content areas, research famous people and use Chatterpix as a final product, re-grouping students based on recent assessments, use of Title I reading tutors, Module 4 in Math, choosing components of each Module to use with students, Class Dojo as a parent communication tool, PBL-World Read Aloud connected to Tree House, (reduce, reuse, recycle is project for this quarter), continue RTI interventions with struggling students

3rd grade: focus on fluency, chunking the passage to help build up reading stamina, reduce the amount of questions for each passage, work on informational text with students, Worldly Wise for vocabulary, EOG concepts, reading tutors Monday-Thursday, fluid groups based on new data, written comprehension continues to be a need, top 6 readers on grade level meet with Chisholm and Moyes weekly for Book Club including technology, Math Module 5 Fractions, make fractions using ice cream sandwiches, pre and post tests, ask students how they got their answer, math centers, parent involvement agenda notes and Class Dojo, PBL- Global Read Aloud Fenway and Hattie treehouse project

4th grade: Module 5 (Fractions), daily guided reading groups, content area vocabulary, pre- assess to judge if students have the pre-requisites (such as vocabulary) to learn the new unit, North Carolina Transportation Museum PBL

5th grade: leveled literature groups for novel study, covering the literature standards during these groups, collaborative roles in groups, Math Module 4 Multiplying Fractions, word problems, reading comprehension difficulty is playing a role in their ability to read word problems, students are having difficulty reading closely to follow all the steps to find the answer, continue to use Class Dojo for parents, PSA about class sizes for PBL, body systems

and biomes collaboration with Burris and Moyes, global awareness activities with Book Club and Olympics, Achieve 3000 study of refugees, PBL with library assistants (Moyes)-conduct survey, budget money, purchase books

Parent Involvement:
9/20/17 K-1 Breakfast Bunch 32 people
11/15/17 2nd and 3rd Grade Breakfast Bunch 26 people 10/17/17 Book Fair Parent Night 157 people
Oct.-Nov. Parent/Teacher Conferences

Money is available if teachers are interested in visiting other schools to observe math lessons being taught-especially schools that use Engage. One teacher per grade level would be appropriate.

The following link can be used for teachers to watch videos involving math lessons:


This website is a good reminder of the 8 Mathematical Practices:

https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/blog-posts/meg... guide-8-mathematical-practice-standards/

Several tvs have been purchased with Title I money for teachers whose projectors burned out.

Title 1 Plans