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Our school of approximately 400 students began as a small two-room wooden building in 1899. This small school was located in the center of town. This was soon replaced in 1905 with a three-room school building that housed grades one through seven. By 1927, plans were made to construct a more permanent brick building. By December 1929, Mr. J. R. Jones and his staff of six teachers officially opened the school. In 1936, the school's first cafeteria was opened. In 1955 a second building was added due to increased enrollment. This building consisted of six classrooms for primary grades. Twenty years later, the school's dome-shaped cafeteria was constructed as was the kindergarten and first grade building. The last permanent construction allowed for students to have a separate gymnasium for the first time in the school's history. In recent years, the addition of four mobile units has allowed a temporary solution to the areas growing population.