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Expanding Possibilities for Children

RESTART schools are not charter schools, but they do have the exact same flexibilities as charter schools. RESTART allows us to do things we never thought possible in public schools - things that traditional public schools cannot do, such as:

Calendar Flexibility

Opportunity to design a school calendar that meets the needs of students, parents, staff and the community.

Curriculum Flexibility

Opportunity to design new curriculum with the possibility to be exempt from some standardized testing.

Personnel Flexibility

Opportunity to hire teachers with industry expertise to teach in their areas of strength regardless of their teaching license.

Budget Flexibility

Opportunity to receive state funds in one lump sum, rather than in multiple restricted funds that allow us to use our money in the way we need to support our students.

RESTART Means ‘More’ For Students

RESTART may include the following:

  • Elimination of NC Final Exams & Kindergarten Entry Assessments
  • Adjust calendars to administer exams before the winter break
  • Hire teachers with industry expert experience
  • Focus on extracurricular such as coding classes
  • Offer additional exploratory classes & field experiences
  • Incorporate guest speakers and experts
  • Offer high school credits in middle school
  • Unique art opportunities such as dance, theater
  • Focus on students’ passions, interests and needs
  • Unique PE such as meditation, strength & discipline- Karate
  • Foreign language at elementary schools - Global Studies
  • College Cadets in high school
  • Character and leadership programs
  • Classes based on mastery growth
  • More teacher planning time and workdays
  • Maker Spaces (work space with tools) and Flexible Furniture
  • Film and Production Studios and Design Labs
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16 Schools Approved


  1. China Grove
  2. Hanford Dole
  3. Hurley
  4. Isenberg
  5. Knollwood
  6. Koontz
  7. Landis
  8. North Rowan
  9. Overton


  1. Corriher-Lipe
  2. Erwin
  3. Knox
  4. Southeast
  5. West Rowan


  1. North Rowan
  2. Salisbury

How Were Schools Selected?

Schools not meeting certain levels on state testing for 2 out of 3 years, as determined by NC DPI, may apply to be a RESTART school.

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What is the Timeline?

Schools are given one year for planning before beginning implementation in the second year. However, during the planning year, schools may start different pieces of their RESTART plan.

How Long Can a School Remain a RESTART School?

RESTART status will remain in schools as long as they continue to progress forward.

What Will Not Change?

We will still:

  • Operate under the RSS Board of Education
  • Follow State Standards
  • Receive State & Federal Funds
  • Administer the same services for Exceptional Children
  • Provide 1:1 technology devices
  • Provide Meals - including Free & Reduced meal programs
  • Provide Transportation

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