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Tonya Brinegar-German


As a former Mustang, I am proud to now be walking the halls as the principal of where I was inspired to go into education.  As principal of ERHS, one of my goals is to provide a safe learning environment in which all students have the opportunity to experience engaging moments of learning everyday. Also, it is important to me to work in partnership with our families and community, as I see school, family and community as an interdependent unit. I always go back to the African proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together." Working together, there is no limit to what our students of ERHS can achieve.  Go Mustangs!

Joanna Kesler

January's Mustang of the Month 

"Joanna has been the foundation of the EC Department for the past couple years. The past couple years have been challenging as we have been short staffed and never short of students to serve. She is always collaborating with teachers and working with our students.

She has taken on more responsibility and deserves to be recognized for all that she does for students everyday."

-Mrs. Kathy Stolfi





National Honors Choir

Six students selected to the National Honors Choir at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Carson Davis

Lila Kongmany

Kaitlyn Thompson

Cole McGraw

Alex Gobbel

Grace Faller

Melinda Thompson

Congratulations to Melinda, a East Rowan sophomore flute player who was accepted to both the Carnegie Hall High School Honors Performance Series Honor Band and the Sydney Opera House Honor Band in Australia!  

Katie Misenheimer

East Rowan High School 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year

Katie is an alum of East Rowan and a Culinary Nutrition Graduate of Johnson & Wales.  She has been combining her passion of food with teaching for eleven years in Family & Consumer Sciences.

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