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Tonya Brinegar-German

3.24.20 Message from our Principal

Good Morning Mustangs,
We have all heard the news and the latest order from Governor Roy Cooper, school buildings will remained closed until May 15th.  I will share, I was devastated when I heard the announcement yesterday. I want to have everyone back in the building, and I am ready for normalcy to return.  However, I know that isn’t going to happen, and it shouldn’t.  Right now we are in a pandemic, a global world health crisis, and we have to do our part, even if that means social distancing, and not continuing with our normal routines for an extended period. Some of you know that I come from a big family, many may not.  As part of a big family, we are one of the families that gathers every Sunday for lunch. I truly value this time together.  We have done this since I was in elementary school, and I have so many fond memories around Granny’s table. The size of the family has increased around the table, and in fact we now have two or three tables we sit around, but we still gather every Sunday.  That is until two days ago.  It is the first time I don’t remember this being an option.  As a family we decided to put all our tech skills to use and Zoom with each other over our own lunches.  At first, I was very disappointed, but it turns out that time was very valuable.  In fact, relatives from South Carolina and Pennsylvania were now able to join in and share stories and laughter as we all connected.  Mustangs, I know this time is different, but stay connected.  Be creative and use your skills to continue to share and create memories with each other.  Wayne Dyer is quoted as saying, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”  Sunday lunch could have been a real bummer, however, it was a highlight and bright spot in my past week.  As our eLearning journey continues may you all continue to be learnERs and leadERs and do your part! 
Take Care Mustangs!
Mrs. Tonya German