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Daniel Herring received his Undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University and his Masters in Administration from UNC, Charlotte.  Daniel is married to Katie, who works at RCCC, and they have twin boys, who are in kindergarten.  They also have a bulldog puppy, Zena.  In his spare time, Daniel likes to participate in CrossFit.  He chose this career path because seeing students find success is the ultimate reward in his role as principal. He says, "I absolutely love helping students bridge the gap between school and the outside world."

Jess Allen

Jessica Allen received her Undergraduate Degree from Grove City College and her Masters in Administration from UNCC.  She is married and has three children who all attend Granite Quarry Elementary School.  When Mrs. Allen has any spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, hanging out with her friends.  She has always wanted to change the world, and she believes she can by working with children.  She feels that teaching is a true calling and truly believes in children.


Mr. Chandler went to Pfeiffer University for his undergraduate degree and received his Master's Degree from Western Carolina University.  Ryan recently became engaged, and his fiancé is an oncology nurse in the University area. They have a dog named Ares and a cat named Scar.  During  his spare time he really enjoys playing golf, participating in CrossFit classes, or just hanging out playing games with his friends group.  Ryan chose to work in education in order to make a difference in students' lives. He feels that this profession gives him the opportunity to impact students lives in a positive way, and to provide them the tools necessary to be successful in life.

Maria Freeman, Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Freeman earned degrees from NC State University, Meredith College, Appalachian State University, and High Point University.  She is married and has two college aged sons.  Mrs. Freeman’s  first teacher was her mother who served as a teacher for thirty seven years and still substitutes today.  When not at school, you might find Mrs. Freeman dancing, singing, and walking numerous miles on her dirt road with her two Dutch Shepherds.  Mrs. Freeman began her career in Wilkes County and has served at Erwin Middle for twenty three years.  She readily admits she “never intended to be a teacher” but “is certain that answering the call to education is one she never regrets.”  Coming to school each day and serving students brings great joy to Mrs. Freeman’s heart.  Her hope is that each student she is lucky enough to teach not only learns  ELA material but learns to love themselves as much as she loves them.