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Erwin Middle School

NC Zoo Endangered Species Poster Contest
Merenda Brady

Mrs. Abramson's 8th grade Advanced Artists decided to participate in the NC Zoo Endangered Species Poster Contest.  Students first had to investigate an animal on the endangered species list, and then they planned their poster's layout, design, and slogan.  Upon completion and meeting a deadline, Erwin Middle faculty and staff voted on their favorite designs.  The following five posters were chosen to represent Erwin Middle at will be sent on to the NC Zoo to compete at the state level.


1st place, Brooke Riggs, Galapagos Fur Seal

2nd place, McKenzie Misenheimer, Sea Turtle

3rd place, Emma Walker, African Elephant

4th place, Zoey Freeman, Honeybee

5th place, Marc Hellmandollar, Three-toed Sloth

Congratulations to these "art-sy" winners and GOOD LUCK!


Erwin Middle


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