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Erwin Middle School

Mornings Take on a New Look
Lynne Robinson

This year at Erwin Middle our first hour has taken on a whole new look. Focused on building relationships and creating a learning community, our morning time is broken into three major components: Advisory Time, Reading Time, and Eagle Time.

 Advisory Time is time spent with our homeroom connecting as a team of learners. We may have a challenge to complete, a skill to practice, or a school-wide competition to participate in, but we spend our first 15 minutes growing as individuals and as Eagles.

 Reading Time is dedicated to finding and completing “just right” books. “Just right” books are books that we find interesting, aren’t too hard, and aren’t too easy. Every few days we conference with our teachers who help us complete our reading goals. We are always looking for community members to come in and read with us. If you are interested, please call Lynne Robinson at 704.279.7265.

 Eagle Time is comprised of 30 minutes focused on a particular subject area. We may need extra help or we may be working on a large project, but this extra time helps us accomplish our learning goals.

 Each Wednesday we have a special addition to our schedule called SOAR. SOAR is our anti-bullying program in which we learn how to recognize bullying behavior, report it to adults, and support each other in the school setting.

 Our mornings certainly set up the rest of our day for success getting us focused and ready to learn. 

Erwin Middle


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