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Erwin Middle School

January Advisory at Erwin
Merenda Brady


January’s Advisory activities have taken on a “real world” spin and focused on skills that are necessary, but often not taught in formal education. With topics ranging from signing your name in cursive to tying a tie properly, students are given time to learn and practice skills that will make them successful adults.


The month started out with how to introduce yourself, introduce others, and give a proper handshake. Please test our handshake skills - no “floppy fish” hands here! We then spent a full week hearing from local business owners about how to successfully get, keep, and flourish at a part time job as a teen. Pop quiz us with mock  interview questions - we are ready! Restaurant and phone manners are top on our list of things we wanted to improve - and anyone who does laundry will appreciate our time practicing how to fold our shirts properly as we practice those skills this week and next. Our last week of January will be spent learning about taxes, budgets, and how to wisely spend, or save, our money.


We are extremely thankful for Mrs. German, Principal of East Rowan High School for being a guest teacher, Gildan for donating 100 t-shirts for practice, Kevin Jones and Shane Valley for talking to students about part time jobs, and Mendy Brady who spent countless hours making “how to” videos for us to utilize. The relevance of these skills will serve our students for years to come.




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