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Erwin Middle School

Eighth Grade Coding Classes
Merenda Brady

Written by Jace Cline

Mrs. Suddeth's  CTE class is now using the software, Swift Playgrounds by Apple, to learn the basics of coding along with all of the features and rules of coding.  Once we can get past the basics of coding, the software increases in difficulty level.  The requires you to think and master the coding rules in a way previously unseen.  When you have worked your way though the software enough to use these applications of coding in real life, we are able to use code to program Jim the Robot, who can move around the table and perform simple, basic tasks.  After we can get a firm handle on Jim's programming we can move on to harder and more difficult coding for drones that we will program to fly a predetermined course, which we create. All of this is provided by Apple to help students get a head start on creating the next generations of coders who will develop the software of the future. 

Erwin Middle


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