Schools Team

Community Schools

  • Inspiring, Innovative and Engaging – this describes the new Community Schools concept that is being implementing across our community.

    By now you have most likely participated in or heard about our 6 Community School areas and the events they have sponsored; such as back to school rallies, tail gates, family engagement events, movie nights to name a few examples. There have also been high school students dressed out in their school colors, welcoming elementary students to school.

    Within RSS we have 6 community areas: North, South, East, West, Salisbury, and Southeast. We are personalizing the learning experience for children and families through our Community Schools by following your child from Kindergarten through high school. We may all fall under the larger umbrella of Rowan-Salisbury, but we have smaller Community Schools focusing on providing a family-centered environment for giving children the best education possible.

  • East Community Group

  • North Community Group

  • Salisbury Community Group

  • South Community Group

  • Southeast Community Group

  • West Community Group