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Students succeeding

We are reimagining how we prepare teachers for the future of education at the Accelerate Rowan Lab School.

Each master teacher will host a full-time, year-long apprentice called an associate teacher, and will be trained to use a collaborative co-teaching model to guide associate teachers as they hone their craft. Not only will our master teachers mentor and coach future teachers, they will continue to teach and invest in the lives of students.

Our associate teachers will be fully immersed in the learning environment and will be able to have an immediate impact on the diverse population at Koontz Elementary School in Salisbury, NC. Our gradual release model provides an opportunity for teachers to gain the confidence and experience that you need to maximize student learning.

Housed at Koontz Elementary School in Salisbury, NC, the Lab School will not only serve as a training ground for future educators, but will provide additional layers of support for the school’s diverse student population.


A teacher education partnership that develops all levels of teachers to model a collaborative, learner centered environment to empower students for life in a global society. 


The mission of Accelerate Rowan Lab School (ARLS) at Elizabeth Duncan-Koontz Elementary is to promote innovation and excellence in education through collaboration, research, outreach, teaching and learning. We are dedicated to addressing the needs of children from diverse backgrounds in a safe and nurturing environment. 

We foster a community of collaboration through a teacher education partnership where all educators can aspire to become their best while being part of a caring community of learners-students, teachers, staff, and families. 

We are committed to educating the whole child.